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We are the new distributor of EMTP-RV Software

Electro-magnetic Transients.

Powersys, the developer and manufacturer of the award-winning EMTP-RV software, for simulation of electromagnetic, electromechanical and control systems transients for power systems has appointed VOLTEX POWER ENGINEERS as their distributor for sales and support in Australia and New Zealand, and as an authorised reseller in South East Asia.

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EMTP-RV features a wide variety of modelling capabilities encompassing electromagnetic and electromechanical oscillations ranging in duration from a few microseconds to minutes.

Typical EMTP-RV applications include:

  • Wind generation
  • Lightning studies
  • Switching surges
  • Power electronics and FACTS devices
  • HVDC

In addition, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides many customisation options for simple adaptation to the user requirements. The software is “open source”, which allows scripting, and the capability for users to “drill down” to the final component level and adjust characteristics as required. “ScopeView” data display and analysis provides waveform visualisation and advanced mathematical post-processing capabilities.

For ETAP users, an optional ETAP model import tool saves valuable time in managing fast transient analyses such as lightning studies and switching transients.