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ETAP – Electrical Power System Software

ETAP Electrical Power System Software


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ETAP Electrical Power Systems software is the most comprehensive analysis platform for the design, simulation, operation, and automation of generation, distribution, and industrial power systems.

ETAP offers a suite of fully integrated Electrical Engineering software solutions including arc flash, load flow, short circuit, transient stability, relay coordination, cable ampacity, optimal power flow, and more. Its modular functionality can be customized to fit the needs of any company, from small to large power systems.

Load Flow Analysis

Short Circuit Analysis

Arc Flash AnalysisETAP Systems Integrator

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With the additional options of ETAP Real-Time, your model can be validated with:




PSMS – Power System Monitoring & Simulation, for validation, process and performance

EMS – Energy Management System allows optimisation of power flows

iSUB – Intelligent Substation allows Smart Grid operation

iLS –  Intelligent Load Shedding, provides the fastest acting Load Preservation, Load Restoration and Load Shedding Validation available

ETAP Enterprise Suite provides one solution to your power system design, analysis, and operation needs. ETAP offers a comprehensive suite of analysis modules that can be configured to suit your specific needs. This modular approach allows you to purchase only the modules you need.

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