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Stucke Elektronik Australia – Protection Relays

Stucke Elektronik AustraliaSYMAP® is a flexible microprocessor-based digital protection relay and control device for use in low, medium, and high-voltage power systems. Because of its integrated protection functions and HMI capabilities, it is an efficient and cost-effective solution for all types of switchgear.

Protection RelaysWith three powerful microprocessors, SYMAP® offers complete protection and control functions for generators, motors (synchronous and asynchronous), transformers, power lines, and feeders. A variety of serial interfaces and data protocols can be used for communication between SYMAP® units and the central control system.

SYMAP® is easy to program and operate. A large graphic LCD with optional LED indicators conveys important data, such as the position of up to 5 connected breakers, parameter settings, and event history, at a glance. Graphics and measurement data are displayed side-by-side on the LCD, so the user does not have to switch between pages. Programming is an intuitive process, and our “SYMAP Parameter Tool (SPT)” application software, allows off-line setting file design and storage and simple upload / download.

SYMAP® provides four hotkeys under the LCD offering access to four groups of values:

“Meters”, “Alarm”, “Process” and “Breaker Control”.

SYMAP® Power Management System (BCG, XG, ECG models)

SYMAP® Power Management System (PMS) provides a complete control and monitoring facility for power generation sets with synchronization, active and reactive load  distribution. PMS can operate in island systems with up to 14 sets and 14 bus couplers or in stationary systems in parallel mode.

Instead of one separate central controller, each SYMAP® contains its own PMS and thus ensures multiple redundancies. No matter which SYMAP® fails, other units remain in PMS mode and take control. Details of the power management processes of PMS are output and viewed in the SYMAP® display. Additionally, a bus connection allows transfer of all information to a central control system.

Lloyds RegisterSYMAP® relays have been LR approved and offer IEC61850 compliance.

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