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Advanced Power Management & Simulation

When you engage two unrelated contractors, one to provide HV Power System Design; the other to provide Power System Automation or “Power SCADA” System Design, you are actually duplicating much of the design, unnecessarily.

With the Voltex option of “2 Solutions – 1 Company !”, our power system design team from Voltex Power Engineers (VPE) undertake modelling of your HV system (we call this the “digital twin”), then run various “What If ?” scenarios to ensure that equipment is not overloaded, protection settings minimise disruption in even of a fault, and if required, system performance under conditions such as loss of a feeder or generator, and provide a comprehensive report.

If you then engage another supplier to design a “Power Management System”, they invariably collaborate with your team to develop a Functional Design Specification (FDS) and then program a bespoke system to deliver results  (hopefully) in accordance with the FDS. Typically there can be an intensive commissioning process as several iterations are tested to ensure design intent.

Voltex Systems & Integration (VSI) would utilise much of the previous Power System Studies as a basis for Power SCADA Management design. As an example, with IEC 61850 systems, the IED Configuration Files combine Protection Settings (VPE), Logic elements (VPE) and Communications Network settings (VSI). No duplication in design!

For higher level Power Systems Management and Simulation, ETAP provides a Commercial‑off‑the‑shelf (COTS) system Verified and Validated to the strict US Nuclear Industry standards. Your digital twin model is connected directly to the power system via existing or our own SCADA systems. Operators can then safely train off-line on an exact replica of their actual power network.