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Mick Weston – General Manager

Mick’s career spans more than 30 years in the electrical industry, from Distribution System Operator for SEQEB, now Energex, through the elevator industry with Kone and Schindler Lifts, and in sales and service management roles in global companies such as Toshiba and Schneider Electric, Mick is well known throughout Australia and SE Asia for delivering engineering services and solutions to many of the region’s leading consultant engineering, mining, resources and industrial infrastructure fields.

As Asia Business Development Manager with Toshiba, Mick developed invaluable experience with energy efficiency, hazardous area equipment, and life cycle analysis, through asset management alliances with petrochemical and other clients, including Malaysia’s Petronas.

With Comeng, he supervised the electrical installation and testing of electric rail locomotives and the 25 kV power supplies, rectification and traction systems for Queensland Rail’s coal train network. Mick developed Schneider Electric’s Services division where as Manager for Special Projects, he implemented the first SF6 switchgear end of life management program in Australia, and a global first for Schneider. He is largely regarded as a leading authority on SF6 emissions and its effect on carbon pollution within the electrical industry and solutions for SF6 handling and management, with his program currently being adopted by Schneider France as a global solution.

Qualifications: Dip Business