HV Testing & Commissioning of Protection Schemes

Voltex Power Engineers

The best-designed HV protection systems are only effective if the installation, wiring and parameter settings are checked and confirmed during HV Testing and Commissioning. Voltex Power Engineers then continue to provide annual HV testing of the protection relays and other equipment as usually recommended by manufacturers, and this is often mandatory to ensure the components remain operational.

Voltex Power Engineers are experienced with the following protection relay manufacturers:

  • ABB, Areva, Alstom / GEC
  • Basler
  • GE Multilin
  • Schneider / Merlin Gerin / Sepam
  • SEL, Siemens
  • Stucke
  • Tamco
  • Toshiba
  • Woodward

Voltex Power Engineers electronic HV Testing systems will ensure that clients receive immediately the electronic reports they have paid for before we leave the site, rather than waiting days or weeks for the technician to compile the report after returning to the office, a complaint commonly raised by site maintenance personnel. This service will provide peace of mind and allow you to urgently address any critical issues found during testing or commissioning.