Voltex - Power Plant in Chile

Our Group

Who we are

The Voltex Group specialise in large power systems, from Design to End-of-Life. With our three brands, we aim to be at the centre of your world; we call this the “Voltex Vortex”. We are committed to an organisational culture of integrity in everything that we do. This means that if we say that we’ll do something, then we deliver on the promise.

Our core values are :

  • Excellence in Engineering
  • Candour in communication
  • Reliability in Reporting

Power and Protection schemes are critical to all our lives, at home and at work. The industry is evolving and transitioning, and like everything, the “smart” grid is becoming more connected, and more complex. This complexity increases risks, such as cyber security, reliability and safety.

Will the protection trip the breaker to protect people and equipment from a potential fault?

Does your system today rely on hard wires or ethernet signals?

In order to confidently address these increasing complexities, the Voltex Group has developed three specialist brands.