HV Safe Earthing System Design

Voltex Power Engineers

Safe Earthing systems are one of the least well-understood components of a supply system, and yet one of the most critical in regards to safety. Misconceptions and under-design are causing many safety risks or catastrophic failures during normal and fault conditions, and over-compensation by engineers less experienced in such specialist design can increase costs three or four-fold above necessary requirements.

Voltex Power Engineers focus on this facet of substation HV earthing design to ensure system safety, compliance and reliability.

Using advanced earthing simulation software such as ETAP and CDEGS, our engineers will ensure that any High Voltage earthing grid or system meets the minimum standards for Earth Potential Rise (EPR), and step and touch potential according to AS2067 and ENA EG1 Substation Earthing Guide, for protection of people and plant under all fault conditions.

Voltex Power Engineers’ field staff are perfectly equipped to verify and validate the design methodology and installation works, by thorough off-frequency injection testing and simulation under all fault conditions.