Electromagnetic Transient Analysis

Voltex Power Engineers

Fast-acting Electromagnetic Transients require a more detailed waveform analysis when compared to other types of RMS Power system studies. Power electronics, high voltage DC transmission (HVDC), flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), traction power systems and complex controllers require a dedicated Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMT) for simulation and analysis, as well as a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and experience in interpretation of the results of studies.

Voltex Power Engineers utilise ETAP’s eMT (powered by PSCAD’s EMTDC engine) which integrates with ETAP’s transient Stability program to offer eMTCoSim™ – CoSimulation of Electromagnetic Transients and Phasors to collectively solve large, complex, and multi-disciplinary system models with higher fidelity.

Whether you need Dynamic Analysis studies of Transformer inrush, Generator performance under adverse conditions, or complex analyses of time domain AC and DC power flows, or hybrid phasors and waveforms with CoSimulation at millisecond and microsecond time steps, our experienced engineers are able to deliver.