Load Flow & Short Circuit Analysis

Voltex Power Engineers

Load Flow is a fundamental principle of Power System Analyses. Voltex Power Engineers will run studies of your Power System to ensure that under all foreseeable conditions, equipment and cables are not overloaded, that voltage drop and power quality remain within acceptable limits, and where issues arise, to explore mitigation options such as power factor correction or load management and redistribution.

Short Circuit analysis allows us to determine fault currents and automatically compare these values with equipment manufacturer short circuit current ratings. Alarms for potential issues can be displayed on your single-line diagram and can be included in short-circuit analysis study reports.

Your power system may have been well designed years ago, but have multiple additions over time increased loads, or has the local utility strengthened their network to a point where your switchgear risks breaching its short circuit interrupting capacity in the event of a fault?

Voltex Power Engineers can provide you with Load Flow and Short Circuit analyses to assure you of compliance for both safety and reliability. Where risks exist, we have the capability to present you with viable solutions.