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Asset Management of HV Electrical Equipment

Voltex Power Engineers

Equipment lifecycle studies assist in planning equipment upgrade paths. This is critical to ensure your operation doesn’t depend on obsolete equipment, not easily or quickly sourced in an emergency.

Electrical infrastructure represents a significant percentage of capital assets in large projects or plants, yet often remains neglected until a critical failure occurs, and the power stops production. It is then expected that spares can be sourced locally and immediately by urgent air freight to “flick the switch”. Inevitably, in many cases, the client discovers for the first time that the entire operation depends now on obsolete equipment, not easily or quickly replaced. Equipment lifecycle studies which assist in planning equipment upgrade paths and schedules are a natural component of any risk management strategy, to avoid unexpected consequences, or equipment urgently acquired without the proper selection process and acquisition negotiations. On the other hand, a positive assessment of the integrity of assets may delay upgrade strategies and result in improved business cash flows.

Voltex Power Engineers will assist Electrical Asset Managers throughout your Asset Management Plan stages:

  • Assets Audit
  • Equipment Condition assessment
  • Energy Efficiency measurements
  • Design of corrective actions
  • Project Management of solutions implementation
  • Recommissioning