Arc Flash Analysis

Voltex Power Engineers

Working on or around equipment with high fault levels requires the highest levels of risk control. Persons in control of a workplace are required by law to provide a safe working environment. Usually, specially trained competent persons are required to provide an electrical access permit for any works on or near electrical equipment, after performing the required switching. Even then, the operators need to be aware of the specific risks in any approach to live equipment.

An Arc Flash study provides the necessary information, which should be prominently displayed by Arc Flash labels affixed in switchrooms and on switchboards and electrical equipment, to identify the “incident energy” levels and “approach boundaries”.

Voltex Power Engineers use ETAP software to perform Arc Flash analysis, and will provide reports and even print the requisite labels to assist with statutory compliance of your electrical installation to the latest standards, including IEEE 1584-2018 and NFPA 70E. For plant with a higher than acceptable risk level, our design engineers will recommend Arc Flash mitigation solutions and also implement and commission at your site as required.

If you have any concerns regarding Arc Flash Hazard Safety for your engineering or operational staff, Voltex’ Power and Plant Training can provide Nationally Recognised Training here.