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Voltex System and Integration (VSI) provide Advanced Power Management and Simulation for the growing demand for “smart” Substation Automation Systems (SAS) with HV Networking, such as IEC61850 with GOOSE messaging.

The line between Power and SCADA/Automation has been blurred, and clients now require an integrated power and generation system design, monitoring and control solution, without the risks of contractual disagreements over the scope or responsibility for system integration and commissioning.

The Voltex Group now offer power and generation system design, management and control solutions, without the risks of contractual disagreements over scope or responsibility for system integration and commissioning.

Voltex Systems and Integration service this specialised area, in collaboration with Voltex Power Engineers. VSI also manage the implementation of ETAP RealTime systems for VPE.

What We Do

Our extensive experience and collaborative approach provides advanced power management and simulation for global growth demand for “smart” substation automation systems.

Substation Automation Systems

Voltex Systems & Integration, as a sister company to Voltex Power Engineers, provide consulting and commissioning services solely for Substation Automation Systems. Process Automation is a different discipline, and if these engineers are engaged without extensive experience and understanding of power systems operation and protection, the risks can quickly become catastrophic. IED Networks A critical component of effective SAS is the network design and architecture se

eProtect & NetPM

eProtectTM is a brand-agnostic Protection Asset Management System from ETAP. Relay manufacturers use proprietary software for parameter setting files. Many plants use multiple brands of relays. As operations change, power systems are modified and so are protection parameters. ETAP eProtectTM provides a single platform with the capacity to read and store settings, and to generate setting files, with increased data quality, improved access management and setting change not

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure

Schneider Ecostruxure is at the heart of their IoT systems architecture. Digitally connected power systems products such as protection relays, RTUs and other sensors can be securely integrated into Engineering and Maintenance systems, with Edge Control equipment to facilitate power systems management. Voltex Systems & Integration is a SE Registered EcoXpert Partner in Power Automation systems, and together with Voltex Power Engineers can provide complete solutions fr

AVEVA Electrical & Instrumentation

If your plant is utilising the benefits of AVEVA Engineering platform for design, then you can not only create instrumentation and electrical drawings, schematics and data sheets, but you can also integrate seamlessly with ETAP for detailed calculations and 3D for cable routing. Reduce modelling time, with sharing of all related discipline engineering data, and eliminate errors in equipment sizing, cable lengths and capacity. ETAP’s AVEVA Data Exchange allows: