HV Equipment Selection

Voltex Power Engineers

Correct equipment specification is critical to every power project. HV switchboards and circuit breakers must be able to withstand the short circuit rating of the supply in order to protect against the worst conditions in the event of a fault without failure.

Protection schemes must both protect all connected cables and equipment and also allow normal loads, starting and inrush currents to ensure reliable operation without nuisance tripping.

In the event of a fault, protection coordination should minimise the outages as much as possible. Operators will require Technical and Operation Manuals for the whole power system to be able to maintain, troubleshoot and rectify issues when they occur.

What we do

HV Equipment Specification & Verification

Once the design phases are completed and approved, the next stage is to evaluate and select the best appropriate equipment for procurement. These decisions encompass both technical and commercial choices that may impact on future operational efficiency and reliability and not just initial capital commitment. Voltex Power Engineers can provide independent cost-benefit and whole-of-life analysis based on their extensive industry knowledge of systems, products and applicati

HV Technical Manuals

Technical Manuals provide solutions for end users, from trouble-shooting to assistance in compliance to electrical statutory requirements. In many cases, well-written manuals form a key component for inclusion in Standard Operating Procedures and Job Safety Analyses to manage Health and Safety risks. Professionally formatted technical manuals can be delivered in electronic form, fully indexed and searchable.