eProtect & NetPM

Voltex Power Engineers

eProtectTM is a brand-agnostic Protection Asset Management System from ETAP. Relay manufacturers use proprietary software for parameter setting files. Many plants use multiple brands of relays. As operations change, power systems are modified and so are protection parameters.

ETAP eProtectTM provides a single platform with the capacity to read and store settings, and to generate setting files, with increased data quality, improved access management and setting change notification. Combined with ETAP modelling software, users have seamless data synchronisation between the physical relay and ETAP Star for automatic processing and relay setting file generation.

Operational personnel can compare ‘As Designed’ files to ‘As Found’, or ‘As Optimised’ via their ETAP simulations.

NetPMTM is a Network Project Modelling and Management tool that allows multiple users to dynamically collaborate on the same project via an internet connection. This ETAP module automates change management, review and approval processes, joint operation and control via simultaneous modelling and analysis. The User Manager can set User Authentications, and manage or automate queued project changes. The Project Master can Approve, Hold, Reject, or Review individual changes.

If your project or plant is still endeavouring to manually cope with change management from multiple consultants or subcontractors working with your power system digital twin model, then call Voltex today to discuss the benefits of implementing these ETAP systems.