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Power systems and energy markets in Australia and overseas are undergoing rapid transformational change. Renewable Energy projects have seen numerous participants, EPCMs, subcontractors and investors flee the renewables market due to significant losses and delays.

Voltex Power EngineersGC4 program provides a total solution for Scheduled and Semi-Scheduled Intending or Market Participants in the Australian National Energy Market (NEM).

What we do

AEMO Grid Connection (GC4)

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) manages the wholesale NEM which includes generation, transmission and large industrial energy users, in accordance with the National Electricity Rules. The NEM infrastructure comprises state and private assets managed by industry participants and spans Australia’s eastern and south-eastern coasts through interconnection of the states of Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

As the Australian energy transition evolves, AEMO has established a dedicated DER program to understand and integrate high levels of DER into the Australian power system. It aims to ensure a smooth transition from a one-way energy supply chain – starting with large-scale generation units to consumers – to a decentralised, two-way energy system. Due to their intermittent and limited unit capacity, DERs require an unprecedented level of data to control the numerous sma


Utilities and Industrials have turned more and more to the use of Microgrids in remote areas, or as emergency backup sources when the grid may prove unreliable. As an ETAP Registered System Integrator, Voltex Systems & Integration (VSI) are ready to design and supply your ETAP Microgrid Controller. Rather than a bespoke design that requires retuning whenever sources or loads change, the ETAP Microgrid Controller utilises an electrical digital twin model combined with