Harmonics & Motor Acceleration Analysis

Voltex Power Engineers

Harmonic Analysis is often considered one of the more advanced studies in power systems, but that does not mean that it is not critical. There are many causes of power harmonics, including an increase in the percentage of Variable Frequency Drives or other electronic motor control systems, Static Converters (e.g. Rail Traction systems), Inverter Based Resources (IBR, as used in Renewable Power Systems), extensive use of UPS or other equipment with Switch Mode Power Supplies, or unbalanced power loads, any of which can overload your system with “waste” energy and potentially damage equipment.

Voltex Power Engineers are able to model harmonic generating equipment, identify harmonic voltage and current distortion limit violations, and simulate mitigation solutions such as harmonic filters. Power quality can be improved, with positive impacts on efficiency and reliability and reduction of nuisance tripping.

We can also perform Motor Acceleration analysis, to ensure that large machines do not cause significant issues with voltage dips or power factor on starting, or if required, coordinate the starting sequence of a number of machines.