HV Power Systems Design

Voltex Power Engineers

Your site or plant inevitably relies on a safe and reliable supply of electrical energy. If you are a large consumer, then you will likely be an HV Customer. HV Power Systems Design requires much more specialist skills and knowledge than LV power systems alone. HV equipment has long lead times, and if selected equipment has been incorrectly ordered or under-designed, then the ramifications for your project are potentially drastic for schedules and costs.

Voltex Power Engineers are trusted HV Electrical Engineering Consultants because we only employ and train specialists who understand HV Power, Protection systems, and Earthing. We will assist you in selecting and specifying the correct equipment, through simulation studies and in-depth analyses before you commence procurement.

What we do

HV Design & Verification

EPCM contractors provide design encompassing many and varied disciplines – mechanical, electrical, chemical and mining. HV Electrical Engineering demands experience and understanding of the design of substations, transformers, transmission, protection systems, generation, power factor correction, harmonics, and earthing. Few Companies could be expected to maintain current expertise across all fields, and inexperience can result in safety and compliance issues or perfor

HV Safe Earthing System Design

Safe Earthing systems are one of the least well-understood components of a supply system, and yet one of the most critical in regards to safety. Misconceptions and under-design are causing many safety risks or catastrophic failures during normal and fault conditions, and over-compensation by engineers less experienced in such specialist design can increase costs three or four-fold above necessary requirements. Voltex Power Engineers focus on this facet of substation HV e

Upgrade & Modernisation Design

If your site requirements or plant is expanding, or if your existing power systems are ageing, you don’t want to wait until the lights go out or production fails before you start planning upgrades or modernisation. Voltex Power Engineers can assess your existing supply and equipment, model your future needs, and advise on the best solutions to improve long-term reliability. We can be your Client Engineer, liaising with local Utilities, and assisting with planning t