ETAP Real Time

Voltex Systems & Integration

Voltex Systems & Integration is a Registered System Integrator for ETAP Real-Time. If you are already an ETAP user, you probably know the software as a Design and Simulation tool. But, connect the Digital Twin model that you have already created, via existing or ETAP’s own eSCADA HMI tools and voila ! …

You have now discovered ETAP Real-Time, the “Operate” mode! Not only will you now be able to validate your model and theoretical simulations, but with Real-Time data, you will benefit from accurate scenarios including various scenarios of actual configurations and loads, that may not have been presented during design simulations.

And there’s more… now with Real-Time, you also have the options of “Predict and Control”, “Operate and Manage”, and “Optimisation and Automation”. Practical solutions include Operator Training Simulation, with historical data, Switching Management, Automatic Generator Control, Predictive Load Shedding, or Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration.

ETAP’s Digital Twin Platform for Design, Operation and Automation has been around since 1992, so as a true Commercial‑off‑the‑shelf (COTS) system, there is no bespoke design and endless hours and iterations of re-coding and commissioning – just connection through our protocol-agnostic OPC Servers and configuration by our VSI engineers.