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Project Management

World class design amounts to nothing if your project is not well managed and delivered on time ! The key to success for any project, following on from the Engineering, is the Procurement and Construction Management. With the world revolving on just in time manufacturing and supply, you cannot afford to miss anything critical. Major components such as generators and supply transformers can be on really long lead times, so once you reach FID, the clock is ticking. You now need world class Project Management.

We have all experienced the “skills shortage”. The Australian Institute of Engineers noted that from 2001 to 2006, the supply of engineers per value of engineering construction had roughly halved.* It hasn’t improved since – professional Project Management capabilities are at a premium, but don’t accept that project delays, budget overruns, commissioning failures or performance shortfalls are normal or acceptable ! Unfortunately all too common – true, but with skilled and experienced professional Project Managers and proven systems available from Voltex, we can change your little piece of the world, and break from the mundane, and deliver engineering excellence !

* IE Australia, The Engineering Profession; A Statistical Overview, Fifth Edition 2008