Voltex Vortex

We aim to be at the centre of your world. Specialising in HV Power, from Design to End-of-Life.

About Voltex

Voltex are committed to an organisational culture of integrity in everything we do. This means if we say we’ll do something, then we deliver on the promise. Our core values are:

  • Excellence in Engineering
  • Candour in Communication
  • Reliability in Reporting

We advise our clients what they need to know, not what they might want to hear, and propose solutions to minimise their risks, to people, property and profitability.

About Voltex Power Engineers

VOLTEX POWER ENGINEERS (VPE) specialise in HV Power, from Design to End-of-Life. We manage electrical risk and improve plant reliability through design, protection, commissioning, auditing, maintenance and asset management.

Our familiarity with industry compliance requirements, legislative standards (AS, IEC, IEEE, ANSI etc), mining regs, hazardous areas, & HSE systems, avoids design issues, performance shortfalls, budget overruns, legislative impediments and industrial or environmental difficulties. Voltex Power Engineers’ expertise in Design and Commissioning of HV Protection Systems has exposed a growing demand for “smart” systems with Power Monitoring and Control, such as IEC61850 with GOOSE messaging.


About Voltex Systems & Integration

The line between Power and SCADA/Automation has been blurred, and clients now require an integrated power and generation system design, monitoring and control solution, without the risks of contractual disagreements over scope or responsibility for system integration and commissioning.

VOLTEX SYSTEMS & INTEGRATION (VSI) service this specialised area, in collaboration with Voltex Power Engineers (VPE). VSI also manage implementation of ETAP RealTime systems for VPE.