Voltex Vortex

We aim to be at the centre of your world. Specialising in HV Power, from Design to End-of-Life.

Capability Statement

VOLTEX POWER ENGINEERS specialise in HV Power, from Design to End-of-Life. We manage electrical risk and improve plant reliability through design, protection, commissioning, auditing, maintenance and asset management. Our familiarity with industry compliance requirements, legislative standards (AS, IEC, IEEE, ANSI), mining regs, hazardous areas, & HSE systems, avoids design issues, performance shortfalls, budget overruns, legislative impediments and industrial or environmental difficulties.

Our experience with major Mining, O&G/CSG/LNG and Rail projects means that we communicate with you in your language. With personnel exposure from all the major manufacturers, you don’t pay for us to “learn on the job”. We are familiar with all types of electrical power equipment.

HV power electrical engineering demands experience and understanding of plant and systems design as well as power equipment and earthing and power system software. Inexperience can result in safety and compliance issues or performance concerns. Alternatively, over-design driven by lack of confidence leads to budget overruns. Our Engineers’ knowledge of your plant and systems ensures reliable safe operation of Blowers and Fans, Centrifuges, Compressors, Conveyors and Feeders, Crushers, Extruders, Mills, Mixers and Agitators, Pumps, Shiploaders & Stacker / Reclaimers.

We can provide accredited HV Electrical Auditors, Hazardous Areas Auditors (Classification & Design), and Electrical Engineering Manager (EEM) – Qld Coal Mines.

Download Voltex Power Engineers Capability Statement (pdf)