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Design & End of Life Management

Even the best equipment has a finite life cycle. Electrical equipment often runs silently in the background, with seemingly endless reliability – until an unplanned outage or failure occurs – and then you find that the required parts are obsolete. Failing to plan for end of life, is planning to fail, probably with catastrophic consequences. Voltex end of life management plans consider parts availability, environmental disposal, and future compatibility.

Asset Management of Electrical Equipment

Equipment lifecycle studies assist in planning equipment upgrade paths. This is critical to ensure your operation doesn’t depend on obsolete.....

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Design & Verification

EPCM contractors provide design encompassing many and varied disciplines – mechanical, electrical, chemical and mining. HV Electrical Engineering demands experience.....

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Feasibility Studies

Before capital expenditure is committed to any project, it must usually first pass a feasibility or even a pre-feasibility study......

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HV Earthing System Design

Safe Earthing systems are one of the least well-understood components of a supply system, and yet one of the most.....

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