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For Engineers

You’re responsible for electrical design, equipment specification, supervision of installation and commissioning, reliability, maintenance, legal compliance, fault analysis, energy management, and then the plant expands and equipment requires upgrading, and the process starts all over again. New products and technology hit the market daily it seems.

Where can you find the time to read technical reports, prepare new studies, and browse industry periodicals to keep abreast of every new development?

Let VOLTEX ease the pressure…

Asset Management of Electrical Equipment

Equipment lifecycle studies assist in planning equipment upgrade paths. This is critical to ensure your operation doesn’t depend on obsolete.....

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Client Representative

When outsourcing new plants or upgrades to external consultants, design input specification and review is critical. Many companies today engage.....

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Compliance Certification

Compliance with statutory requirements can present complex issues for many plant maintenance staff, yet it is a critical element in.....

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Electrical Engineering Manager (EEM)

In Queensland , a statutory requirement for Surface and Underground Coal Mines, is the role of Electrical Engineering Manager. VOLTEX.....

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Energy Management & Efficiency

In this era of great concern in regards to energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and your company’s carbon footprint, adequate.....

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Equipment Specification & Verification

Once the design phases are completed and approved, the next stage is to evaluate and select the best appropriate equipment.....

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Hazardous Area Audits

The Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation requires all electrical installations located in a hazardous area to be inspected by an accredited.....

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HV Audits

Because of the added risks in high voltage installations, an additional measure of controls is required before energisation. The Queensland.....

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HV Testing & Commissioning of Protection Schemes

The best designed HV protection systems are only effective if the installation, wiring and parameter settings are checked and confirmed.....

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Upgrade & Modernisation Design

With the experience of project management in all types of sites, VOLTEX Power Engineers offer more than just a new.....

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