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Hazardous Area Audits

The Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation requires all electrical installations located in a hazardous area to be inspected by an accredited auditor before being connected to a source of supply. An accredited auditor must show an understanding of the Electrical Safety Act and relevant standards, knowledge of principles associated with classification of hazardous areas, suitability of electrical equipment in a hazardous area, and the specific installation requirements for various explosion protection techniques.
Voltex can supply Qld Accredited Hazardous Area Auditors.

Hazardous Area Design and Classification

VOLTEX Power Engineers are accredited in design, classification, inspection and maintenance planning of electrical equipment in hazardous areas (EEHA), providing peace of mind, as well as confirming that the installation has been designed, installed and maintained in good order.

Hazardous Area Verification Dossiers

VOLTEX can assist in preparation of HA Verification Dossiers, whether for new installations, or if required by our Compliance reviews.