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High Voltage Isolation and Access

The Queensland Electrical Safety Office ‘Code of Practice for Electrical Work’ notes that;
“the risks and consequences of an incident involving high voltage are significantly higher [than with low voltage]. Under fault conditions, the higher potentials (voltages) and fault current levels release massive quantities of energy.”

With most Australian states now enacting Industrial Manslaughter laws, with mandatory jail sentences for executives, High Voltage Isolation and Access Policies and Procedures require careful planning and management review to ensure compliance. With our Voltex team’s experience, coupled with Qld Electrical Safety Office accreditation of Voltex Power Engineers as an accredited Auditor of Safety Management Systems for prescribed electrical network entities, we can provide you with assurance through development, review or audits of your systems and personnel.

Our Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Power & Plant Training  (#40627) also provides Nationally Recognised Training in HVIA, for Switching Coordinators, Operators and Recipients. Our training for clients often includes customisation incorporating site-specific procedures and equipment operation. We also offer the ONLY Australian NRT competency in Arc Flash Hazard Safety.

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