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Power System Studies

Power System studies may include Protection Coordination studies, Load Flow studies and Short Circuit analysis, Arc Flash Safety analysis, and more complex scenarios such as Transient analysis for stability, and Harmonic analysis for power quality.

Power System and Protection Coordination studies are not limited to greenfield sites. Sporadic plant expansion or upgrades over many years with no new protection coordination design often results in overloaded feeders, inappropriate settings and major unnecessary power losses for minor problems. In such cases the protection coordination study needs to be revisited with a site-wide review to improve safety and reliability of the system.

HV/LV Protection Coordination Studies (Grading)

Appropriate power protection coordination of various elements ensures minimal disturbance in isolation of a fault event. Major shut downs caused.....

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HV Testing & Commissioning of Protection Schemes

The best designed HV protection systems are only effective if the installation, wiring and parameter settings are checked and confirmed.....

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Load Flow & Short Circuit Analysis

Load Flow is a fundamental principle of Power System Analyses. Voltex engineers will run studies of your Power System to.....

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Arc Flash Analysis

Working on or around equipment with high fault levels requires the highest levels of risk control. Persons in control of a.....

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Harmonics & Motor Acceleration Analysis

Harmonic Analysis is often considered one of the more advanced studies in power systems, but that does not mean that.....

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Electromagnetic Transient Analysis

Fast acting Electromagnetic Transients require a more detailed waveform analysis, when compared to other type of RMS Power system studies......

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