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Project Management

Voltex assist Power Asset Managers to deliver certainty of outcomes with confidence and team cohesion.

This is delivered through Power Management Software, Audits, Training, and Project Management, during Design, Construction, Commissioning or Operation and Maintenance.

Where there may be projects or plants in distress, due to unclear scope, team dysfunction or misaligned culture, we assist to replace these with clearly defined outcomes, teams that are efficient, effective, autonomous and integrated, through a supportive environment and culture.


The key to success for any project is to ensure the right People, Partners, Processes and Perception. With the world revolving on just in time manufacturing and supply, you cannot afford to miss anything critical. Major components such as generators and supply transformers can be on really long lead times, so once you reach FID, the clock is ticking. You now need world class Project Management.


Sourcing the right people begins with recruitment. You may already have a team in place, in which case, they require assessment. An assessment of proficiency may lead to a gap analysis, and require specialist training to close the gaps. Personnel in Project Management, Design, Construction, Commissioning or Operation and Maintenance may require support in order to deliver continuous improvement, and to sustain growth and achievement for both the individual and the organisation.


Partners must be selected based on performance, but also local knowledge of regulations and standard practices, as well as expectations of the client. They need to be able to demonstrate a history of successful delivery, in addition to supplying sufficient key personnel with the appropriate experience.


Your own internal processes start with clearly defined objectives and scope of work. Detailed planning and scheduling should address critical paths and choke points which may inhibit performance. Accurate reporting and tracking are essential, and only effective when staff have the confidence of a supportive environment and culture, that allows mistakes and delays to be corrected rather than covered up.


By following these methods, your team and company will develop and sustain an industry reputation of successful delivery and ongoing compliance of major plant or projects on time and on budget.

With skilled and experienced professional Project Managers and proven systems available from Voltex, we can assist you and your team to transition from the all too common errors of distressed projects to becoming proactive power professionals.