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ETAP Releases 14.1

Sales Promotion: 25% discount on new ETAP 14.1 purchases

From Modelling to Operation, ETAP software provides Power System engineers, operators, and managers a platform for continuous functionality. As the global market and technology leader, many users know well the value of ETAP’s design simulation and analysis for Power Systems.

With the additional options of ETAP RealTime, your model can be validated with:

  • PSMS – Power System Monitoring & Simulation, for process and performance.
  • EMS – Energy Management System allows optimisation of power flows, and
  • ILS – Intelligent Load Shedding, provides the fastest acting Load Preservation, Load Restoration and Load Shedding Validation available.
  • ISUB – Intelligent Substation allows Smart Grid operation.

Why spend precious engineering time developing models for your power supply and protection systems with the World’s #1 power simulation software, conducting complex “what if” scenarios, then start all over again with a new power automation system and supplier for the power management systems?

ETAP’s model-driven architecture enables intelligent situational awareness in all stages of a system life cycle – from original concept through specification, design, integration, test, commission and in-service support.

Save time and money – design and model with ETAP, then utilise the benefits of ETAP RealTime, a Power Management and Automation System using the same design model!

It’s the season for renewal, so Spring into action and take advantage of our special offer for the month of September with a 25% discount on new ETAP purchases.*

* 25% of a new package which includes a minimum of Basic, SC, STAR, STAR Auto, AF

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