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Airport Link HV Audit


Brisbane, QLD


Thiess John Holland



Jul 2011 to May 2012


HV Compliance Auditing of 2 x 33/22kV Transformers and 7 x 22kV/690/415V Substations for the Airport Link Tunnel power supplies.

AirportlinkM7 is a 6.7km, multi-lane, free-flow toll road located in Brisbane, Queensland. Primarily a tunnel, AirportlinkM7 connects to the CLEM7 Tunnel, Inner City Bypass, northern arterials, and the East West Arterial Road leading to the Airport and Australia TradeCoast.

Thiess John Holland, as the D&C Contractor selected Voltex for the provision of High Voltage Auditing Services on the tunnel’s 7 supply substations, that power critical lighting and ventilation fans.

Airport Link is Australia’s longest road tunnel.

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