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Moreton Bay Rail Safety Management Systems & Operator Training




Thiess / Leighton


Sep 2015 - Apr 2016


HV Safety Management Systems development for a Rail Corridor, provision of HV Isolation and Access services and HV Operator Training.

Thiess (now CPB Contractors) were selected by Queensland Rail to build the Moreton Bay Rail Link, extending an electrified rail line from Petrie station to Kippa Ring, with six new rail stations.

The HV power system converts the incoming 33kV supply via Static Frequency Converters to 25kV for Rail Traction. Thiess entrusted Voltex Power Engineers to develop the requisite HV Safety Management systems, including provision of HV switching personnel, Management of HV Isolation and Access, training of site personnel, and provision of work packs for the duration of the project.

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