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EPCM Services

Turnkey Substation Projects.

Voltex Group’s capabilities throughout your Power System assets’ lifecycle, allows us to provide a seamless service from Engineering Design, though Equipment Specification and Evaluation, Project Management, Installation and Commissioning and Compliance Auditing – in short, a complete EPCM services package.


The benefits are wide and varied, compared to the common scenario of separate contract for Engineering and Commissioning. The protection commissioning technician’s task is to simulate the fault conditions that the design engineer considers important to mitigate against via his protection philosophy – an yet many commissioning technicians fail to even request a copy of this document, let alone read it ! How will they know what the designer set out to achieve?

With an integrated team following through with complete responsibility for the project delivery, these concerns are easily avoided – and you gain through the ensured reliability and availability of a system that is both secure and safe.

Our preferred HV Electrical subcontractor, Mega Electrics has the specialist skills, experience and resources in HV Switchboard installation, construction and cabling. They provide qualified Cable Jointers, as well as electricians certified in the installation of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA).