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Voltex to the rescue!

HV Trouble-shooting

Red Adair

For those not born before the first Gulf War (1990-91), where the retreating Iraqi troops set fire to 700 Kuwaiti oil wells, you may need to google “Red Adair”. In brief, at 75 years of age, he and his crews extinguished many of these fires by removing the oxygen from the fire triangle – with explosives!

It’s not quite the way that Voltex engineers come to the rescue of floundering HV projects, but our work is a bit like fire-fighting. Often we are called in late in the day, when the “fires” have taken a good hold. Most large global consultants provide design encompassing many disciplines – mechanical, electrical, chemical and mining – but few have the specialist expertise demanded by modern HV Power Systems and controls, and detailed knowledge of protection schemes, generation, transformers, switchgear, harmonics and earthing. Inexperience can result in safety and compliance issues or performance concerns. Over-design driven by lack of confidence leads to budget overruns.

Of course, prevention is much better than cure, and our services range from Client Representation, Equipment Specification and Verification, Compliance Certification, right through Design and Verification to full Power Project EPCM and Project Management, including Installation, Commissioning and Auditing.

Red Adair was right – companies who try to “save” by hiring amateurs in HV, always end up having to find much more to “put the fires out” with the professionals.

VOLTEX’ specialist HV Experience ensures a functionally safe but cost-effective design for your power systems.