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We aim to be at the centre of your world. Specialising in HV Power, from Design to End-of-Life.

Voltex Systems & Integration

Power SCADA Systems

VOLTEX POWER ENGINEERS (VPE) specialise in HV Power, from Design to End-of-Life. We manage electrical risk and improve plant reliability through design, protection, commissioning, auditing, maintenance and asset management.

VOLTEX SYSTEMS & INTEGRATION (VSI) provide Advanced Power Management and Simulation for the growing demand for “smart” Substation Automation Systems (SAS) with HV Networking, such as IEC61850 with GOOSE messaging. VSI also manage implementation of ETAP RealTime systems for VPE.

The Voltex Group now offer power and generation system design, management and control solutions, without the risks of contractual disagreements over scope or responsibility for system integration and commissioning.



Advanced Power Management & Simulation

When you engage two unrelated contractors, one to provide HV Power System Design; the other to provide Power System Automation or.....

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IEC61850 Substation Automation Systems & HV Networking

Voltex Systems & Integration, as a sister company to Voltex Power Engineers, provide consulting and commissioning services solely for Substation.....

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ETAP Real-Time

Voltex Systems & Integration (VSI) is a Registered System Integrator for ETAP Real-Time. If you are already an ETAP user,.....

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ETAP Systems Integrator