Voltex QLD Children's Hospital

Qld Children’s Hospital

Brisbane, QLD

Oct 2018 - Present

HV Controls Enhancement

Scope: Design, Supply, Install and Commission the upgrade of 60 Protection relays, including IEC61850 Power Management System and Net ...

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Voltex Incident Investigation Report

ENAP Bio Bio Refinery

Incident Investigation Report Scope: To determine possible causes of electr ...
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Scope – HV Safety Management Systems Review and Recommendations GLNG ...
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PNG LNG Power Export

Scope – Commission 33/66kV substation for export of 25MW to the PNG ...
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Scope – Statutory HV and Hazardous Area Audits of CSG Field Compress ...
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Australia Pacific LNG

Scope – Voltex Power Engineers were awarded a contract by Bechtel to ...
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